Jerry Meals strikes again.

A year ago last August 19th, Jerry Meals made headlines across the baseball world when he inexplicably called Julio Lugo safe at the plate when everyone around the country saw that he was out by a light year. Well, tonight during a crucial pennant race game between the Orioles and Yankees, Jerry Meals strikes again with another bad call.  This time, Meals called Mark Teixeira out at first base when he was clearly safe by an astronomical mile. Jerry Meals blown call in the not so classic 19 inning marathon between the Braves and Pirates cost the latter the season. Tonight, Meals call could conceivably cost the Yankees their season if the AL East, or a wildcard spot comes down to one game. 


One comment

  1. solutions123

    It’ll be interesting to see if this alters the Yankee players. Thursday night was a nasty tasting pill, but this one- Oh boy. I want to hear official reaction from Jerry Meals!!!

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