Cano respected.


Now that Robinson Cano is officially a Seattle Mariner let me share my thoughts on his departure from the Bronx. It’s clear that the Yankees wanted him back but not for the money or years Cano wanted. $195 million over 7 years is a lot of money, however Cano received a better offer from the Mariners and it’d have been foolish not to accept a 10 year $240 million contract. Now Cano is an ex-Yankee.

As a Yankees fan, I will miss Cano, but the idea of offering a 30 year old man a 10 year $240 million contract would’ve been a mistake on the part of the Yankees, or any other organization. Cano is therefore lucky the Seattle Mariners were stupid enough to offer and sign him to a contract that will be a problem for that franchise three years from now.

As far as Cano feeling disrespected by the Yankees and this deal not being about the money, let me just say this: does Robinson Cano think we’re that stupid? The reality is that Cano is greedy and took the money. I would do the same thing, but I would be man enough to admit it was about the money. Secondly the Yankees didn’t “disrespect” him by offering $195 million over seven years. That was a very reasonable offer for a 30 year old second baseman. But, as I said before, the Mariners were stupid enough to give him over 10 years. So, Cano enjoy Seattle, and the travels from city to city, especially when the Mariners season is over by mid June.


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